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During Christine's regular guest appearances on the FOX television network in Charlotte, North Carolina, Christine has shared her fashion tips with her TV hosts Christine Noel and Maureen O'Boyle.

Ladies know- we enjoy showing off our individuality, attitude, and sense of style through our wardrobes! But sometimes... we need a little help along the way. Can I wear that shirt with those pants? What are the must-have staples of the season? How do I wear a scarf? Are accessories really THAT important- and how do I wear them? And I hate everything in my closet- Should I just get rid of EVERYTHING? Christine Nelson- has ALL the answers! She has a keen eye for fashion, is totally trendy and CARES about her clients. She doesn't try to change her clients, she helps bring out in the best in them through clothing, shoes and accessories-- and in turn, her clients feel like they can take on the world!-- or at least a night out in Charlotte!! I highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to add a little sass to their wardrobe on a budget. She rocks!:)

Christine Noel
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I can't believe it's been less than a year since I met Christine Nelson!? It took us less than five minutes together to feel like kindred spirits. First and foremost we're both tall gals, with let's just say, bigger than average feet. But it was the ease with which she handled my overwhelming task that made her such a joy to work with. I basically said, "Christine, come sift through 20 years of clothing and tell me what to keep." And she did it. With each jacket, gown or dress I tried on, she offered only the most honest of opinions..and asked pointed questions. "Is there an emotional attachment you have with this that you want to pass on to your daughter? If not, Honey that's never going to be in fashion again. You do realize that right?" She was hysterical, honest and helpful. The three H's. We shopped together too! She went to a giant consignment sale as was my scout before it opened to non-consigners. In less than two hours she had me try on more than 60 pieces of clothing and every choice we made- I've agreed with, worn and been so happy about. A personal shopper is just that, personal. You have to jive with someone. Got to be in the same groove, the same mind-set. Christine and I are from different parts of the world, but I say my world got better bigger brighter and most importantly better dressed the second I let go and let her help me get my wardrobe together!

Maureen O'Boyle
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I cannot thank Christine enough for my closet makeover! I was absolutely floored by the outfits she came up with using clothes that were already in my closet! Christine showed me what colors look best on me, and even convinced me to give up my go-to black (for the most part!) as well as other items in my closet that just didn't work for me. She pulled out jewelry that was languishing in my drawers, scarves and other accessories that I never wore and showed me how to wear them. Now I wear something new every day! And best of all, she showed me that yes, I can wear leggings and boots! She opened up a whole new world of style for me! I feel so put together now and it's such a confidence boost. Thank you Christine!

Sharon Thorsland
WBT Radio Sports Reporter

In the age of Pinterest, and the internet in general, I like to think with a little bit of searching I can do anything. I have 3 boards on Pinterest dedicated to organization, styling, and cleaning. As I look into my closet, with hangers sticking out and clothes overflowing, I always tell myself, "this weekend I will get around to cleaning the closets." It's like going on a diet, "I will do it tomorrow." Problem is - you never do it tomorrow. It's so overwhelming, you don't know where to begin, and how do you choose what stays and what gets trashed?

That's where the Simply Sassy Coach, Christine Nelson comes in - she was literally a god-send the day she came to my home and made-over my closet - and really my life. I call it an intervention.

I have to stay...I was scared at first of letting go to all the stuff...but that's just's stuff. Right away, Christine made me feel so comfortable. She is so kind - and so much of fun! I can't tell you the last time I laughed so hard - we were giggling over all the silly items that I had kept in my closet for so long..that really needed to go! She's truthful in a very approachable way - and that is not lost on me. I so appreciate her positive energy and hard work. She worked non-stop from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. ditching the old, incorporating some new items she brought with her that day (she's a personal shopper!), giving me homework (clothes that could be saved but needed to be dry-cleaned, etc) and then deciding what to consign so I can make some money to buy new clothes that work for me. She brought a color chart so I know what colors to buy in the future - and she went over my body shape suggested clothing styles that work well on my figure. It was eye-opening. I learned so much.

The best part - she styled all of my outfits from items that we decided to keep - giving me a brand new wardrobe from my old clothes. It was so fun to see her piece together things I had in my closet that I never dreamed of pairing together. She took pictures of those pairings - creating an electronic "Look Book" of the new outfits she created. I've printed the book out - and now it's in my closet so when I say, "I don't know what to wear?" I can turn to the book. Christine freed me - and

I feel totally LIBERATED! It's such a great feeling to purge items that no longer work and see my wardrobe brand new again. I feel like I lost 10 pounds and 10 years off my life. Christine you are the BEST at what you do - I'm so grateful for the gift you've given me!

Kristine Zell
WCCB News Rising Co-Host
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