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"Christine did a fabulous job purging my closet and putting together outfits for me. She was awesome to work with! I saved money in the long run. She turned my existing wardrobe into a new wardrobe. I would highly recommend Christine. I am looking forward to her working with my daughter and doing the exact same thing she did with me. Christine makes you feel good about your clothes again!!"

"At 41 I finally decided to hire a style coach to update my very stuffy banker wardrobe. I'm so glad I found Christine! The moment she walked in my door I knew I had made the right decision. After purging some of my clothes we drove over to South Park to buy clothes, shoes, accessories and amazingly stayed under my budget. I had an open mind and tried on all of her suggestions. Each sales clerk commented how lucky I was to have such an incredible friend. They were shocked when I said I had just met Christine that morning. Christine is so easy going, sweet, fun and personable! On the way back home I realized we had not eaten in 7 hours. The time just flew by! I was so embarrassed and yes, immediately picked up some food & wine! When we got back to my home, Christine's magic began. She put together over 50 outfits with shoes, jewelry and purse to match. I took pictures and now getting dressed each morning comes with ease! She is stuck with me for life! I can't wait to see her sassy creations this fall!"
"A Fan" Charlotte, NC

"As a stay at home mom who loves her jeans, T's and flip flops I needed Christine to help me realize that I should look put together even if my biggest adventure of the day is a trip to the grocery store. Once she identified my colors, we got to work purging my closet. More is not always better, by getting rid of the stuff I didn't wear or that wasn't right for my shape or color it is easier to focus on the pieces you have that flatter you rather than having a closet full of stuff that is just taking up space. She gives practical advice and works within your comfort zone to make sure you feel great in what you are wearing rather than throwing a bunch of the latest trends at you. On top of all the great outfits she put together, I now have the confidence and knowledge to build some great outfits on my own. Looking forward to shopping for the gaps in my wardrobe and looking more sassy! Thank you!!"

"My husband contacted Christine on my behalf as a surprise gift. A definite gift it was. Every day I would look at the mountain of clothes in my closet and feel like I had nothing to wear. From the minute I met Christine I knew this was exactly what I needed. Christine showed up on time and we got down to business. She was genuinely interested in me. Proceeding with questions about my lifestyle, career and activities she quickly got up to speed and to work. By the end of our session I had 35 sophisticated and trendy new looks with my existing pieces, a great dose of style and confidence, and a very organized closet. I also had so much fun in the process and learned what colors and clothing best flattered my body type. I had just assumed we would have to throw out many of my clothes and buy new, but this was not the case at all. She repurposed everything into new, fabulous combinations I had never thought of and what was once a closet of tired, boring outfits came out a magazine worthy selection of great new styles that should be the center of a photo shoot. The best thing of all is that I no longer stand in my closet wondering what to wear. She completely got me and helped me dress to my much better self. Thank you Christine."
Staying Stylish,
BJ Bowser

"As a stay-at-home mom, I was in a rut with the same old "inform" and Christine came in and shook it all up!! It was wonderful! She did a color analysis on me, gave me the do's and don'ts for my body shape and helped me figure out how to wear those leggings with boots!! I also had her do a closet detox and now I feel as though I have a closet filled with quality outfits instead of a closet of quantity. Thank you Christine."

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